Love Food Hate Waste – Chinese Community Campaign

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Love Food Hate Waste – Chinese Community Campaign


In acknowledgement of the support from Auckland Council Love Food Hate Waste Fund



Project period is from July 2021 to September 2022.

Project target is Chinese community in Auckland.

Through mass media promotion, the LFHW Chinese Community Campaign have reached out 10,000 Chinese people in Auckland and New Zealand via TV and Radio Campaign.


CNSST run an educational campaign in Chinese community that focus on delivering innovative activities aimed at changing wasteful behaviours including:

  • Planning food purchases and meals
  • Creative collecting for potentially wasted food
  • Nutrition tips and recipes for cooking the commonly wasted food
  • Tips for good storage of food
  • Raising awareness of the problem of household food waste


The purpose of this project responds to the initiative of Auckland Council’s Love Food Hate Waste to reduce food waste:

  • Improving Chinese community awareness
  • Reducing Auckland’s reliance on Landfills
  • Preventing community food waste and Reducing home food waste
  • Promote healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Empower communities and promote social involvement
  • Maximising local economic development opportunities

“Unite Against COVID-19” Online Mental Health Workshop

This workshop is aimed to help diverse populations including seniors, parents, and couples to cope with their common mental issues during COVID-19. It provides integrated support in the basis of mental wellbeing guidelines and social supporting resources.

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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“Unite Against Covid-19”- CNSST Service Response System
“守望的天空”- 华社服基金会新冠病毒抗疫服务系统

With the sudden reappearance of community cases of Covid-19, the New Zealand Government has announced a Level 4 National Alert from 17 August 2021. In immediate response to this, the CNSST Foundation team has resumed its “Unite Against Covid-19” CNSST Service Response System as of 18 August 2021. During these especially difficult times, with the community’s health and safety as our top priority, CNSST has united to work together with you to provide a range of essential and responsive services. With a spirit of mutual support and collaboration, we can all confidently look forward to brighter days ahead. The nine categories of services available are as follows:

1. COVID-19 Welfare Support (Direct referrals from NRHCC)
To support confirmed COVID cases of Asian families and their close contacts in self-isolation, CNSST has formed a team to provide COVID-19 related culturally appropriate welfare support. Referrals are received directly from Northern Region Health Coordination Centre.

2. COVID-19 Vaccination Booking (Please contact CNSST Head Office 09-5701188)
The CNSST Volunteer Centre has partnered with Vaccination Centres and WDHB’s Asian Health Services to empower community members to book for vaccination and to access language support. We have 10 vacancies per day open for community to book.

3. Community Connection Service (CCS) and Important Information Updates (Please contact Gloria 021 990 082):
CCS provides connection, and functions as a bridge between government and community, and empowers our community to understand better the NZ welfare system, and their entitlement to support and services. Our team follows up with various government sectors, and provides the community with a weekly combined list of important guidelines and links to those sectors. This list is updated every Saturday. Please access this weekly release on the CNSST WeChat and Website.

4. CNSST CCS Discretionary Fund (Please contact Rachel 0222 760582)
The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has designated CNSST Foundation as one of the managers of their CCS Discretionary Fund on account of our cultural competency and responsiveness in working with ethnic communities. Families, with no access to other financial assistance, are eligible to apply through us for a grant under this funding where they require financial support for:

For inquiries:

5. Online Education & Wellbeing Programmes:
CNSST Foundation have an established online educational system to ensure the continuation and accessibility of our educational options for our community. The comprehensive package of online education includes Tai Chi wellbeing courses, tertiary education, vocational training, Chinese and other subjects for children and young people, cultural education, online parenting courses, and online mental health courses. The professional and accredited trainers and teachers from CNSST Foundation are committed to ensure a high quality of education. Please feel free to make enquiries:

• Teenage Parenting Workshop
• Triple P Parenting Programme
• Toolbox Parenting Programme

6. Online One-to-One Consultation and follow up support services:

7. CNSST Social Housing Services (Please contact Don 021 760 258)
CNSST Foundation has established a communication channel and monitoring system for its tenants at CNSST Kotuku House, aiming to keep all tenants out of harm’s way and ensure their health and safety during the lockdown period. The Social housing team is on call 24/7 and ready to provide support to its tenants whenever needed. A free online Tai Chi Class is offered to encourage all tenants to stay healthy and active, and during this difficult time, we are committed to providing ongoing support. For any social housing related matter, please contact CNSST Foundation Staff via

8. Multi-language Support Services:

CNSST Foundation team possesses multi-lingual professional workforce. In this special period, we are committed to offer multi-language support to assist your communication for emergencies or important matters.

English: Jay: 021 276 0555
Greek & Mongolian: Peter: 022 276 0581
Mandarin & Cantonese: Rachel: 022 276 0582
Japanese & Shanghainese: Jiajia: 021 760 591
Korean: John: 022 276 0580
Malay, Hokkien & Hakka: Magdalene: 021 760 589

9. General inquiries:

Telephone: 09-5701188

Dear Stakeholders, in this special time, CNSST Foundation is always here to provide services and support for you. With regard to our “Unite Against Covid-19” CNSST Service Response System, should you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact Jenny WANG QSM, Executive Director at 021 760 582 or email to

He waka eke noa.
We’re all in this together.


You are welcome to download the above “Unite Against Covid-19”- CNSST Service Response System in pdf format for your own use or to share with others by clicking here.


For more information +64 9 570 1188

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One Full Time Social Worker Recruitment – Auckland


CNSST Foundation is one of the largest Asian-focused community organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand, which offer culturally and linguistically appropriate wrap-around services to over 15,000 people on a yearly basis.

We currently have a vacancy for a Qualified Social Worker who speaks Mandarin and/or Cantonese as well as English.

We are seeking a social worker with a proven understanding and ability to work effectively with families around issues of domestic violence, safety, and protection. Ideally, you will liaise with families at risk of continued family violence offenses and assist them to engage in services that will help to improve their safety and parenting, and relationships.

We are looking for the person:

We can offer you:

If you are looking for a challenge and you are keen to support migrant families in making positive changes, please submit your CV and a cover letter to:

Application close:  Monday 22nd November 2021

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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Check out the link posted in the News & Media menu to view the ‘CNSST Foundation 20 Years Anniversary Documentary‘ (a link is also posted in the Video Section of the Media Centre page).  This documentary traces in detail the history and development of CNSST Foundation from its very beginning to the present.  Once the link opens, just click on the arrow at the bottom of the page to play.  Enjoy!

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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Chinese New Settlers Services Trust (CNSST) annual Chinese Moon Festival celebration in Auckland. Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the event is one of the most important holidays in China and is recognised and celebrated by Asian communities around the world. The festival serves as an occasion for friends and family to gather in celebration of the fall harvest and to pray for longevity and good fortune.

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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CNSST Chinese Cultural Camp Auckland

308 Kiwi Chinese children attended the CNSST Chinese Cultural Camp held in Auckland.

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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Join our ‘Relationships Make Parenting Easier’ workshop for effective communication with your children

CNSST Relationships That Make Parenting Easier


For more information +64 9 570 1188

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With the support from Whau Local Board, ATEED and Office of Ethnic Communities, CNSST have successfully accomplished the 2016 Auckland Migrant Entrepreneur Forum at Soljans Estate Winery on 25th Aug 2016, with the participation of 98 people from 68 migrant businesses.

The forum is the second stage of the Whau Migrant Business Support Programme (WMBS) launched in late 2016. Stage one of the programme is to engage and visit Whau migrant businesses to identify their issues and needs in running business in Whau local board area.The purpose of WMBS is to engage with the migrant business community in the Whau in order to build trust, understand their issues and to work with mainstream agencies to help meet their needs. And the aim is to improve service delivery and ensure the Whau Local Board area is seen as a supportive area for migrant businesses to establish and grow.

There were a total of 98 participants from 68 migrant businesses, who have been empowered and connected under the theme of the Forum “Connecting, Learning, Developing”. Through the Forum, they have reunited with the old business fellows as well as developing the new business network. Through the presentations, the business owners have gained the awareness and knowledge on NZ economy, law and legislations as well as the support services as follows:

  1. NZ Economy Overview by ANZ Senior Economist
  2. The Health and Safety Act 2015 by EMA Health & Safety Portfolio Manager.
  3. Business Support and Consultation services by ATEED and Whau Local Board.
  4. Whau Migrant Business Support Research Findings (102 participating Whau Migrant Businesses).

The section of the open floor discussion has effectively provided the opportunity for the migrant businesses to raise their concerns to the specific and relevant support agencies as well as receiving the timely responses on the spot. The presenting Panel members are respectively representing the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, IRD, ACC, Whau Local Board, ATEED and Rosebank Business Association. And the 2016 Auckland Migrant Entrepreneur forum was successfully ended with the networking lunch.

Forum Journal (Click to Open or Download)

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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Harvard University student, Jessica Dorfmann, is seeking recent immigrants to interview for her thesis research on Maori-Immigrant relations in New Zealand. She is looking for adult, foreign-born New Zealand residents, citizens or international students who immigrated to New Zealand since 1987. Migrants of all ethnicities and natalities are welcome to participate.

For more information +64 9 570 1188

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